Kept My Composure ( $NFLX $TSLA $BIDU $FB $AMZN )

Unfortunately I am unable to post my trades at the close of trading because it takes 1 day to settle. What I will most likely do is recap my trades at the end of week just as I am doing now. I’m a huge fan of all the statistics I am able to gather with Tradervue and I highly recommend it to anyone who is really serious about this.

So, how did I do my first 3 days back on the cash account? I did well! I took my trades as I said I would but I do have a large problem that will cost me money in the long term. I need to pick my entry price in advance AND grab it on a downtick if going long (vice versa if short). I kept paying up on a tick in my favor and thats when they really drive up the price of options. On most of my trades I really could have entered for at least 20-50c cheaper… which is a HUGE deal for me. That will be my main focus next week… is paying the price that I choose. With a better entry price, my losers should also reduce in size. What is great is my ability to pull the trigger now. Those 70 trades on the simulator really did help.

Also, Friday I was sick so I didn’t really trade except for the last hour. Looking forward to a full week of trading. It will be interesting to see whether we have a dead cat bounce before a real hard fall or if this is the journey back to new highs. I guess we will see!