The market was making a good move while Facebook was on all time highs so I went long on a pullback. Learned my lesson though… I wanted to enter on a dip to the 9EMA but I was impatient. Could have gotten a much better entry and made a decent profit but instead it turned into a small loss.


Apple broke its downtrend at the same time the market was turning to the upside so I took a long position. Scaled out and locked in some profit.


It pains me slightly to say this but I’m still gunshy after experiencing multiple red days. I’m demoting myself to paper trading for the time being until I can learn that IT IS A NUMBERS GAME. And for the numbers to work in your favor, you have to play when the probabilities are high. I see lots of good setups and even call some out to other traders all day, but I don’t take them myself. I will figure this out though…