Need to Grow Some Stones

I knew this blog would capture the ups and downs of trading… and currently I’m in a limbo type state where I can recognize my problems but I’m having trouble correcting them.

My brokerage was down until yesterday but even with that, my papertrades were less than 50% successful. I knew that one of the largest hurdles in trading would be my own self but I definitely underestimated how powerful the human psyche is.

I see setups all throughout the day BUT if the first setup I see fails, I’m mentally put off and will usually sit on the hands the rest of the day. I just need to brush that shit off and move on. Maybe if I write more posts about how gunshy I am, I’ll eventually figure it out.

From here on out I’m scaling my position size down one half. I’m guessing when I say that the amount of the loss (all within reasonable tolerances) is too much for me currently. Maybe if my losses are smaller I won’t be affected so much mentally.

My losing trade from yesterday:

TWTR entry:

TWTR exit:

I got out before the complete 60c flush. Maybe I’ll start putting in the values of entry/exit with the screenshots.