Better Late Than Never

I guess it is time to write the conclusion. Prepare for some mind blowing conclusive writing that will surely stimulate all of your wildest dreams! I’m just kidding… but I digress. When I arrived home I was immediately thrown back into the same cycle of unhappiness. Looking back at it all, I know it was completely my fault for not pressing harder to do new and exciting things. I went to a gaming convention just after I got back and saw some friends. It was nice to meet up with people I know from all around the country. It was during that trip that I had an interview with Newegg for a gaming related position. Even though I did the entire phone interview hungover in front of our hotel, I still landed the job. I may be jumping a little bit ahead of myself. Prior to that, Kelly and I decided to give it one last try. We were easing back into it when I got the job offer. Looks like I was heading to California. Much to her displeasure I told her not to join me right away. As you’ll come to find out, everything worked out just fine.

So we packed up my car and off to California I went. I found an apartment in a quiet suburb near the mountains and started to work. Look at how excited I was to be a part of something I thought would be great.

Chezz, the excited Midwesterner with stars in his eyes. He was going to bring Newegg into the age of gaming with all his helpful recommendations.

Reality: The person in charge of the project was taken off of it while I was moving across the country. My start date was pushed back an additional 3 weeks just about. My first week I didn’t even have a boss to meet. I knew right then that this was going to be ‘interesting.’ Eventually I met my boss, who was also new. I figured we would bond together being new to this big company and pave our way for this project. I had a few weeks to gather my ideas about how to launch this thing… all of which were shot down. After that, I knew it was going to be a downward spiral. When you go to work 5 days a week and speak maybe 10 words to your boss in that entire time, something’s not right. We had a running joke while I was there that I was the unwanted stepchild of Newegg. Eventually I got moved to another team but it was the same crap with more reporting. I didn’t sign up for this but I moved across the country for it. So I made the best of it for as long as I could.

Somewhere in this story I flew home and drove Kelly and our new puppy out here. Funny part is that we made better time driving out here with the dog versus us driving here without the dog. I don’t know how that worked out but it did.

Long story short, I got a job that looked like a huge change for the better and it turned out to be complete crap. One cool thing about it was I got to commute on my motorcycle to work. I kid you not when I say that the ride to/from work was the highlight of my day.

So the work front was bad… but I was in California. It was 80 degrees on Christmas. I was surrounded by canyons and mountains so I took advantage of that.

The whole time I was at Newegg, I became interested in Bitcoin. A coworker and myself started trading it and this was when it was booming. You couldn’t really lose because it was just going straight up. This interested me so much that I spent countless hours reading books about how to trade stocks with the idea of applying it to Bitcoin or any other virtual currency. I studied harder during this time than I ever did in college which made me wonder… was this just a fad or was I genuinely interested in something that can be a potentially good paying job? I continued studying and to this date I further my education. By the end of July my time at Newegg was over. I’m taking the plunge trading stocks (stock options in particular) full time.

So there it is. The conclusion. The follow up to an epic adventure. I condensed an entire year down pretty well but if you’re interested to see how I fare trading stocks full time, stick around and check back often. I’m going to be completely transparent with all my victories along with my defeats.

Thanks again to everyone who supported me on my previous journey/continued journey. I am forever in your debt.