Day 23: Aransas to Lubbock

This will be the shortest post you most likely see on this website. Today I rode for 10 hours through Texas. The landscape changes throughout the day were pretty amazing. Texas has a little bit of everything… except snow.

I’m exhausted from riding all day and also having a crummy night. I’ll see you all in New Mexico.

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  1. xbox go home June 16, 2013 at 1:33 am Permalink

    not sure if this’ll do much good, but remember what you’ve
    been able to move past with this super awesome adventure that others wouldn’t
    have the balls to take, even if they were super unhappy with where they stood
    like yourself just a few weeks ago. You’re doing some really cool stuff, and it
    can only help in finding more happiness beyond your trip ’round the States 😀

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