Day 15: Comfort Zone Termination

I am Chezz’s apprehension. Tomorrow marks the the day where I will be venturing into uncharted territory. I’ll be out of my comfort zone with only 2 friend stops for the next week at the least. It’s a shame it was cloudy and rainy every day I was here in Florida but the sun did manage to come out for 2 hours and I took advantage of it by taking a walk.

I started my closing preparations for the house I’m at. This trip has been hot/cold. I think about my night in Jacksonville… I was way out of my comfort zone but had one of the best evenings conversing with strangers for 3 hours. Hopefully I will have more of those experiences along the way.

I decided to check out a new place for my final evening in Naples. Tavern on the Bay was packed with people I had no desire sitting with. I had a pretty good Mahi sandwich and I’m a sucker for sweet potato fries. After the meal and drink I headed home. I’d rather watch the playoff games alone than with a bunch of lunatics.

I bought a wrist brace to hopefully alleviate some of my hand numbness. I still really fear that I will develop some permanent carpel tunnel from this trip. I’m due for new tires and maybe a rebalanced front will reduce the vibrations. I really am doing this on the wrong bike but all part of the adventure!

It’s time to enjoy my last 11 hours here. Tomorrows update will document my long trip west.

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  1. Mary Lemcke June 9, 2013 at 10:56 pm Permalink

    What a trip! The weather is certainly giving you some excellent photo opportunities!

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