About Me


My name is Michael. I am 24 years old. In a recent turn of events (lost my job and also my girlfriend of over 5 years) I decided to do something a little differently. If you look at those events on paper it wouldn’t surprise me if you said something along the lines of, “that sucks,” but it is because of these events that I am now embarking on a journey around America (and into Canada).

Here is a link to the rough draft of the route: http://goo.gl/maps/ckbAM


  • When this is finished, do a finding chezz 2 but come to Europe 😀

    • cheddarchezz

      That would be fantastic! I originally was looking into a moto trip in Australia. There is so much I want to see in Europe. I think this trip will show if I have what it takes to travel like this.

  • Jacko

    Interesting trip. Look like one I made in my miata 2 years ago. A thought on the east coast leg: After DC you might want to take 66 to 81 and take that south to 26, which will run back into 95. This will take you down the appalachian mountains instead of the monotonous I95 through Virginia.

    Also while you’re out west don’t miss Brice canyon and Zion Nat park. You also probably want to hit the Tetons on the way back.

    On my trip I did some camping, but spent more nights at random people’s houses using couchsurf. Just another idea in case you haden’t considered it.

    • cheddarchezz

      Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely note that down now. That’s a best part about having this website. People can let me know some awesome roads to hit instead of just highway.


      • Spencer

        I second Bryce and Zion. Not to be missed!

        What date do you anticipate being in San Francisco? And Seattle?

        • cheddarchezz

          Not until mid-late June.

  • Regis Blahut

    if you need a place in Maryland let me know and we have room

  • Dave Klopp

    Pacific Coast Highway – you can’t miss riding this! A good ride would be Rt 58 west out of Bakersfield over to Hwy 1 and ride this north to Santa Cruz. I see that you planned to ride to Yosemite also. This is an awesome Park.

  • Jacob Rogers

    Looks like you’ve touched base in my home state, CA, a couple days ago. Hope you’re having a good time. The drive up north will be fun, but be on the lookout for cops! Easy to get caught speeding in certain parts.